Thomas Ross



Script Author

This project started “marinating” in 2004 when I was involved in opening One More Time, the Iona Hope Episcopal Church Thrift Shop. When I watched the interactions between the volunteers and customers as “they mixed it up,” it reminded me of the TV show “Cheers.” Business requirements kept the concept on hold until February 2015. After thinking of a title, writing some character descriptions and creating a plot, I had eleven pages. I showed these pages to my wife Deborah for a reaction. I remember waiting anxiously for her thoughts. She was very encouraging and has always been a very supportive and contributing partner as we celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary in December. I told our son Will about the play, and he said, “Thank God, Dad has a project!” and put it on the 2015-16 schedule in our Off-Broadway Palm Theatre in Florida. It was then that my production partners (Christopher Russell, Music; Megan Orlowski, Lyrics and Victor Legarreta, Additional Material) joined and made it a musical - thank you!

This theatre fascination started when I was in the Army in Korea, when some Army buddies and I started a theatre company at a service club near the DMZ in 1959. At 80, I can’t remember all the plays and musicals that I have directed or presented in places too numerous to mention. I really like entertaining people, and I leave the “thought provoking, swearing, four letter words, and meaningful theatre!” to other theatre companies.


Christopher Russell


Music &Orchestrations


Christopher is honored to be a member of the creative team for Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical as its composer and one of the original cast members. Other musical projects include the independent short film Paul, which was nominated for best score at Tampa's 48-hour film festival. Christopher has also orchestrated for the stage and screen. When not composing, Christopher can be found either on stage as a singer/actor/tapper or helping his wife and co-creator Megan on one of her many literary projects. Whenever he can't be found, it's probably because his wanderlust has lured him into the wilderness for another great adventure!






Megan is thrilled to be a part of the Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical creative team. Megan is a young adult author under the pen name Megan O'Russell with her series "Girl of Glass" and "The Tale of Bryant Adams" currently available and a new series "The Chronicles of Maggie Trent" due out in January 2018. Megan is also a performer who travels the country with her husband and fellow Second Chances: The Thrift Shop Musical creator Christopher Russell. From singing for three summers in Alaska to touring the country as a villager from Anatevka, the stage is Megan's favorite place to be. When stage lights are not available, Megan can usually be found climbing a mountain, writing, or escaping on an international adventure. For stories of Megan's wanderlust, theatrical adventures, and other shenanigans you can visit her blog LifeBeyondExaggeration.com. For more information of Megan's books and upcoming literary projects, visit MeganORussell.com.